We developed business analysis weekend courses to support busy professional continue their professional development without taking time off.  We received feedback from our delegates that without this type of courses they wouldn’t have managed to achieve the diploma in business analysis. Our package enables you to swap between weekend and midweek courses — and even take the whole diploma very fast-track in just 9 consecutive days.

Having this flexibility is mostly important when you want to take a diploma in business analysis package and you don’t know how your circumstances might change. You want to make sure that even if you can’t take that time off work due to busy projects you can still attend weekend courses and achieve the business analysis qualifications.

How are the weekend courses different than the weekday ones?

1. They are more intense

Intense means you have less breaks and the training days are longer than a normal training day. And it also means you won’t have time for entertainment on a Saturday night as you might want to prepare for your exam next day.

However don’t be put off as if you don’t feel prepared to take the exam on the last day of the course – you can defer it at no extra cost to a later date. Keep in mind though that keep putting off an exam is the guaranteed way to fail it.

2. They cover the same material

Our business analysis weekend courses use the same material as our weekday ones. That is why they are more intense and will involve more commitment and concentration from you.

3. Preparation is even more important

Preparation is important for any type of course. However specifically for the business analysis courses, if you want to take the exam at the end of the course then preparing before by going through the pre-reading will guarantee your success. You want to benefit the most out of your invested time and money.

Why choose a weekend course versus a midweek one?

The main reason why our delegates join our business analysis weekend courses is because they can’t get time off work and don’t want that to stand in the way of their professional development.

Our business analysis weekend courses are particularly popular for contractors, consultants, and other busy professionals. Sometimes your organisation will pay for delegates to do the course at weekends but for your development but not release you during the week.

We offer all our accredited BA and Agile courses that lead to qualifications as a weekend options.

Our business analysis weekend courses run on both Saturday and Sunday while our agile project management weekend course runs over 2 weekends.

At the moment we only offer weekend business analysis courses in London but will offer these in Edinburgh from October 2015.

If you want to find out more about our courses do check our business analysis courses and our agile courses.

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