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Be honest now: when called upon to give a presentation, how do you FEEL?

Uneasy? Apprehensive? Concerned that you won’t get your message across?

How would you feel if you had to speak to a camera, or record yourself on YouTube or Facebook, which is not as simple as it looks!

If you want answers to any of the above then join Alistair Divall and Richard Johnson together with a supportive group of like-minded peers for an action-packed day in front of a camera and watch how your presentation and media skills improve.


To ensure maximum participation we will ensure that all delegates have many chances to practice superior presentation skills. 

In the business context, as in just about all walks of life, first impressions are very important.  The way one is perceived in the first instance can often play a crucial part in the way any subsequent presentation, communication or sales pitch is then received by the audience.  Communication skills – our words as well as our body language – are what good presentations depend on, and this is true in a business context and also in many other areas of work such as teaching, promoting charities or the media.  The better we are at communicating our ideas, the more successful we will be in our working (as well as our personal) life.  Role play and other activities borrowed from the world of acting and drama can help all of us be the communicator we want to be. It encourages leadership, teamwork, cooperation, compromise, authentic listening skills and simulates real-life situations.  We always work in small groups to maximise the learning potential for delegates.  These soft skills are vital for any business situation where presented information or ideas need to be communicated successfully.

Our aim is to leave delegates feeling that they have had a very absorbing day – never a dull moment where many exciting new skills are developed.

The practice of role-playing can develop self-esteem and build confidence in the would-be presenter so that they can get their ideas across to an audience of 2, 22 or 222 people.  Roleplay and its associated activities in a group context promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience, develops organisational skills and the ability to think on one’s feet.  All of these things can help a presenter in the business environment.

The world of entertainment and business presenting has some similarities.  An entertainer/presenter is playing a role, just as a business presenter must do.  Alistair Divall is an experienced presenter, actor and entertainer and has been developing his expertise and honing his craft for over 25 years.  Utilising his considerable success in acting and presenting in the entertainment world, Alistair has, over the last 10 years, successfully used his expertise to help anyone looking to improve his or her presentation skills.

Richard Johnson has been a director of the College of Public Speaking – a very successful presentation skills company – since 2007. He is also an established and qualified lecturer at the University of Greenwich, delivering modules to both undergraduates and masters students, receiving many favourable comments on his engaging and energetic lecturing style. He also works as a principal trainer with Metadata, enabling people to obtain a diploma in Business Analysis (a British Computer Society award) and is a regular at speaking events as well as a member of a speaking club.

  • Professionals who need to present on their work to senior management, their subordinates, or to external stakeholders.
  • Business people that need to present to conferences (internal or external)
  • Senior Management that may be called upon to talk to the media
  • Team leaders that may need to record presentations that can be reviewed by others at a

Throughout the training day, and together with your fellow students, we will take part in a range of interactive exercises that build up presentation and media skills.

  • Eliminate any anxieties or nerves that you may have.
  • Increase your gravitas to make you more persuasive to senior stakeholders.
  • Improve your ability to “sell” yourself and your team.
  • Enable you to coach your team to greater success.
  • Show you how to structure your presentations.
  • Use PowerPoint effectively.
  • How to speak with enthusiasm, conviction and sincerity.
  • Demonstrate what is involved with creating rapport with your audience.
  • Deal with questions from the audience – even the awkward ones!

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