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Do you struggle with difficult stakeholders? Is this holding you back from achieving your potential?

Would you like to be able to develop elite-level skills to confidently deal with stakeholders?


Unique, highly relevant course

Metadata Training has teamed up with Richard Mullenders, a former hostage negotiator now turned trainer to teach you how to influence stakeholders.

Using examples from the business analyst and project manager work life you will find out how to:

  • influence stakeholders to follow your advice
  • deal with stakeholder’s resistance to change initiatives
  • uncover secrets that stakeholders don’t realise they’ve revealed
  • efficiently communicate for results
  • manage and resolve conflicts
  • forge strong relationships
  • gain and maintain engagement in your project
  • reach agreements with satisfied stakeholders to ensure future collaborations

You are measured on results and results are dependent on other people. It makes business sense to spend time to learn to deal with people confidently and effectively.


You can bring your own challenges and discuss them with the trainer during the course.


What’s included?

  • Course fee
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Lunch (only for the 1 Nov full day course)

Session 1How to really listen to your stakeholders

Sell your ideas using your stakeholder’s most deeply held beliefs, rather than your own. It’s amazingly effective.

You will find out:
• Bust the 5 big communication myths.
• Learn to interpret the true significance of what’s being said.
• Test your hypothesis without offending the other person.

Walk away with the ability to:
• Identify someone’s values, beliefs and motivators.
• Uncover secrets that they don’t realise they’ve revealed.
• Know precisely how to pitch a course of action to them.

Session 2How to deal with difficult stakeholders

How to bite the bullet and get results

You will find out:
• How to confront the issue, face to face
• Learn to challenge behaviour without causing personal offence
• Practise applying fair disciplinary measures when necessary

Walk away with the ability to:
• Discover the root cause of the problem and discuss it frankly
• Find and apply a solution that’s acceptable to both sides
• Leave the problem individual with their dignity intact

Session 3How to persuade your stakeholders
Turn any situation to your advantage

You will find out:
• Learn the vital role of trust in all our interactions – and how to build it
• See how we are programmed to conform and how that can be harnessed
• Appreciate the power of giving your word

Walk away with the ability to:
• Be generally liked so that people want to please you
• Build obligation and engender trust
• Use language to optimum effect to influence, persuade and win

Richard Mullenders

After military service (where Richard saw action in Northern Ireland, and spent time guarding Rudolf Hess in Spandau Prison) he went into the private sector and then joined the Metropolitan Police. After decades as a detective investigating serious crimes, Richard was invited to become a hostage negotiator. His success was such that he was appointed Lead Trainer at the National Hostage and Crisis Unit at Scotland Yard, training hostage negotiators across the UK.


During this time Richard was involved in an advisory capacity with the FBI, the UN, The Indian Secret Services, The Scorpions in Mandela’s South Africa and The World Food Programme, among others.


Talks with the Taliban

Richard’s activities in defence of British subjects abroad are largely confidential. However, he was part of the team that negotiated the high-profile release of three UN workers held hostage in Afghanistan in 2004. And his listening expertise contributed to the intelligence that informed the rescue of Norman Kember in Iraq in 2006.


Life or death listening training

Richard now speaks and trains for the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. This latest stage in his career has seen him fulfil speaking and training engagements in every corner of the globe. He’s helped people to achieve ambitious outcomes – from Downing Street to PwC, from LinkedIn to BT, and from Cambridge University to Sky UK. And he can help you, and your people, to do the same.

These course is part of a unique interactive soft skills programme that we are currently developing.

The programme is aimed at business analysts and project managers who want to be experts in their role and master the challenging role of dealing with stakeholders for project success.

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This course is aimed at business analysts, project managers and any professional who needs to sell their ideas to stakeholders for project success.

Being a challenging and interactive course, it is a great option for professionals who are actively looking to improve themselves and add value to their organisations.

If you feel you have the technical skills but a lack of soft skills are holding you back from achieving your potential, then this is the training for you.

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