Training Options

Option 1 – Book the Standard Diploma Bundle

This is our most popular option. The price for this bundle is £2595+VAT.

This is our best offer. It includes all the benefits and flexibility for a hassle-free training experience.

Why choose this option?

  • You have a busy work and personal schedule
  • You want to save money
  • You want peace of mind and flexibility
  • You want to take advantage of all our benefits

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Option 2 – Basic Diploma Bundle

The price for this bundle is £1995+VAT.

We created the basic diploma bundle to help delegates on a tight budget who are willing to give up some of the advantages and flexibility that comes with our Standard Diploma Bundle.

If you would like more flexibility during your studies, book our Standard Business Analysis Diploma. It saves you money and gives you peace of mind while you study.

When to choose this option?

  • You have a very tight budget
  • You don’t mind less flexibility and features
  • You can commit to a more intense training schedule


What is the difference between the two diploma bundles? See what you are getting for each bundle:

Basic Diploma All-Inclusive Diploma
Study length up to 6 months (extra time available as an add-on) up to 12 months.
3 Practitioner courses + exams Included. Included.
Foundation course + exam Course offered as an online instructor-led option; exam not included – need to be paid separately. (add-on available) Included.
Oral exam prep Included. Included.
Business analysis book Not Included. Included.
Course Schedule Can take the core module as a fast track option or a weekend course  (add-on available).  Choose any dates and formats from our Course Schedule.
Delicious lunches  Not included. Can be added as an add-on.  Included.
Exams  Exam is taken at the end of the course  (add-on available).  The exam can be taken at the end of the course or at a later date.
Price  £1995+VAT  £2595+VAT
Who is it for? Created especially for delegates with very tight budgets.  Delegates who want to take advantage of all our benefits and flexibility and save money at the same time.
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Option 3

Book and pay for the courses as individual units. Progress in your own time and at your own pace. If you are thinking about completing the diploma in the next year a bundle would be better for you.

When to choose this option?

  • You are only interested in specific topics or skills
  • Not sure if the diploma is the right qualification for you and want to try a course first

Ready to start with your first course? We recommend you start with Business Analysis Practice or Requirements Engineering.

Questions Answered

Deciding to study for the BCS Business Analysis diploma is an important decision. Some delegates doubt that they can complete it. Don’t worry! We’ve trained thousands of delegates and we know it can be done.

We’ve seen delegates with no business analysis experience successfully achieve their diploma and transform their career.

Some of the questions we get asked a lot are discussed below.


1. Which course shall I start with?

Most people believe they have to start with BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis, however, this is not the case.

If you have some business analysis experience you can start with any course and work towards achieving the BCS Business Analysis Diploma Certificate.

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis is not the best course (confusingly) for absolute beginners. We recommend Business Analysis Practice for anyone new to Business Analysis.


2. What if I can’t complete the diploma in time?

You might be worried that you won’t have enough time to complete the diploma courses in 6 months or one year. We offer diploma courses every week, so you have more than 52 courses to choose from. We even have courses at the weekend if you can’t take the days off.

Most delegates complete the diploma in 10 months but it can easily be achieved in less time.

Also, if you need extra time to complete the diploma you can add more time to your bundle if you need it. We have add-ons that you can add to any bundles.

If unexpected changes occur, such as a major job change or a family illness, we can be flexible and suspend your package for several months and resume it when you are ready. Normally there would be no charge for this provided you inform us as soon as the issue arises. This flexibility is only available with our standard diploma bundle.


2. What if I fail an exam?

If you fail an exam it is not the end of the world.

You can re-take the exam and continue your studies. You won’t be left on your own. Our lecturers are here to support and advise you. Most delegates who failed an exam, retook it and achieved their diploma.

We also offer a detailed feedback on your exam so you know where to improve.


3. What if I don’t have all the money to pay upfront for a bundle?

If you think you don’t the money to pay upfront, have a chat with one of our course advisor to discuss instalment options.

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Why choose us

  • quality training – we never compromise on quality and work with the best trainers
  • take the exam at the course end or later at no extra cost
  • reasonable terms and conditions – we don’t have high fees for courses or exams rescheduling. If we cancel a course you are entitled to a full refund.
  • we offer online webinars with recordings for extra oral exam preparation
  • friendly and helpful course administrators
  • delicious lunches and refreshments

We are confident our courses will benefit your career.


Need advice?

Investing in your training is an important decision. Why not have a chat with our course advisors?


We can help you choose the right option for your needs and budget.

We promise friendly and helpful advice based on our knowledge and our past delegates feedback. NO hard sell.


You can call us on 020 7272 3726 or fill in the form we will get back to you.

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