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Soft Skills for Business Analysts – Introducing a series of workshops

Advance your career with soft skills. Would you like to master soft skills you need as a business analyst, project manager or professional working in a demanding work environment? Then we have the right workshops for you. 

Advance your career with soft skills

Would you like to master soft skills you need as a business analyst, project manager or professional working in a demanding work environment? Then we have the right workshops for you.

Soft Skills Evening Workshops

Delegates always tell us stories of awkward interactions with stakeholders and work colleagues. Not mastering the soft skills required for the job can lead to stressful working analysis workshop for soft skills

Most business analysts are brilliant at finding business issues, needs and propose potential solutions.

However, we all know this is not enough to avoid failure or gain recognition.

We’ve decided to start a series of workshops that teach soft skills to business analysts and interested professionals.

You will learn tools and techniques to approach work interactions with ease and gain the recognition you deserve.

First Workshop – Building Successful Stakeholders Relationships

In October this year, we run our first workshop on soft skills for business analysts. The theme of the first workshop was building successful stakeholder relationships.

We learnt active listening techniques. If you are reading this why not start to listen not only for facts but also for feelings and emotions. Then use the emotions to create better relationships.

Reflecting is another excellent technique that we practised on the day. It can immediately improve your listening skills and as a consequence your relationships. Always reflect back to show understanding and consideration.

soft skills workshop for business analysts

Active listening can help you gain the trust and cooperation of your stakeholders.

We got great feedback from the delegates attending the workshop on 19 Oct. They particularly liked the interaction of the training and the insight they got on the day. It was interactive, fun and insightful.

During our workshops we want you to practice the soft skills that successful business analysts need to gain more influence and power over their projects.

There is a tendency to ignore these critical skills, but in the long run, it can lead to work dissatisfaction.


Wouldn’t you want to be able to create long lasting, trustful and cooperative relationships?

If you want to be informed about the next evening workshop on soft skills, please register below.

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