How can the Business Analyst Apprenticeship benefit organisations? (Full interview with Alex)

Posted on February 9, 2022

Alex shares his experience upskilling on the Business Analyst Apprenticeship. Full interview available.

Watch the video to discover:

  1. What is the business analyst apprenticeship?
  2. What is the difference between the Business Analyst Apprenticeship and the BCS Business Analysis Diploma?
  3. Who can benefit?
  4. Why did Alex enrol in the business analyst apprenticeship?
  5. How did the BCS Business Analyst Apprenticeship change Alex’s career and life?
  6. How did he get approval from his organisation?
  7. How is he incorporating the 20% off-the-job training into his role
  8. What support has he received from Metadata Training that helped him progress in his role (min: 11:09)
  9. How was his experience studying virtually? (min 13:44)
  10. Alex’s tips to any professional considering to upskill on the Business Analysts Apprenticeship

Meet Alex Challis

Alex is a business analyst currently working for Queen Mary, University of London. He has been working as a business analyst for the past 2/3 years. He was interested in upskilling in his role and was originally looking to do the Business Analysis Diploma but when he heard of the opportunity for a government-funded BA apprenticeship, he put himself forward for the programme with the help of his manager at the time. Alex talks about how the apprenticeship has allowed him to uplift his skills to a level expected for business analysts.

You can watch the full recording of our interview with Alex below.

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