Corporate Training - Business Analysis and Agile

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In-house training

We can deliver any of our public courses as an in-house course. If you have more than 6 people to train and they can all take time off at the same time this is the most cost-effective option. You can request a quote today.


If you want the training personalised to your team skills development needs an in-house bespoke course can be design for you.

Training sessions have sometimes become workshops geared towards improving the business analysis, requirements specification, and software development processes.

We can combine training with consultancy and examine how you can improve your business analysis and agile practices. We can use examples from your recent projects to illustrate to your staff potential improvements.


Contact us today to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs so that we can adapt your training to your business and development environments. We like to talk to you extensively beforehand to ensure that the course is really what you require and identify any additional components that may be useful.

Public courses

If you are a manager who needs to train your staff in business analysis and:

you have less than 6 people that need training and
they can’t take the time off to attend the training at the same time
you want flexible training schedules

then we recommend they attend our public courses run by experienced trainers.


We run courses every week and there’s a wide range of dates to choose from – click to view course schedule

We offer corporate discounts for 5+ delegates.

Apprenticeship Programme - Develop business analysis expertise in-house

The modern way to train your staff in business analysis. Besides training, they get access to a mentor that helps them fast-track their skills and become an efficient and high performer business analysts.

There are no age restrictions. The great thing is that the apprenticeship is tailored to every apprentice so they will progress from where they are to reach a higher level of expertise.

This is a great option if you are a manager who wants to develop a highly-skilled team that takes less time to manage and deliver high-quality work.

If you are interested in this programme and want to find out if this is for you download our apprenticeship brochure to find out more or click here to see if this programme is for you.


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