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Business Analyst of the Year 2016

Not quite the Oscars or the BAFTAs or the Booker, or even the Nobel prize but still a massive achievement. Wednesday, November 2016 I had the honour of attending the UK IT awards and seeing Donna Carey of Telefonica awarded Business Analyst of the Year.   We all know that business analysts have an incredible … Continued

Three areas to consider when evaluating off-the-shelf solutions

For most business and public sector organisations, there are areas where developing ‘bespoke’ or specially-written software is out of the question. In these areas, selecting an off-the-shelf solution is now the only realistic way to access enhanced software capabilities. Such projects are common but complex and high risk, and can be damaging if they don’t … Continued

BCS Business Analysis Exams Tips

BCS business analysis exams tips can prove useful if you want to successfully pass your exams first time. Exams can be tough especially if you haven’t done one in a very long time. We put together a few exam tips that will help you approach exams with confidence and  successfully pass your BCS business analysis exams to achieve the BCS business … Continued

Business Analysis Weekend Courses

We run weekend courses to support busy professionals continue their professional development without taking time off. Our weekend courses are very popular and allow our delegates the flexibility they need to achieve their qualifications.   How are the weekend courses different than the weekday ones? 1. Intensity Weekend courses can be more intense with fewer breaks and longer … Continued

Become a Business Analyst

We are often asked the following questions:      1. How do you become a business analyst?      2. Can the business analysis qualifications help me get into business analysis? We would like to share with you our experience and thoughts. Many professionals engage in business analysis work in their current job even though they … Continued