In-house and Bespoke Courses

In-house and Bespoke Courses

If your organisation needs to train its staff, an in-house course is usually more cost-effective. We can deliver any of our public courses on your site at very competitive daily rates.

We can combine training with consultancy and examine how you can improve your business analysis and agile practices. We can use examples from your recent projects to illustrate to your staff potential improvements. Training sessions have sometimes become workshops geared towards improving the business analysis, requirements specification, and software development processes.

Metadata Training was one of the first companies to deliver BCS accredited business analysis courses in the UK and we’ve successfully done this for 25+ years. We are also working with some of the best trainers in the industry to deliver agile, project management and enterprise architecture courses.

Contact us today to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs so that we can adapt your training to your business and development environments. We like to talk to you extensively beforehand to ensure that the course is really what you require and identify any additional components that may be useful.

Quality and flexibility

Metadata Training materials are very highly regarded, particularly the case studies which have been formulated from a combination of extensive real-world experience and academic rigour.

We have delivered full programs leading to recognised qualifications over several months, arranging training days and examination times at your convenience.

We work with you to deliver training that helps your staff develop the right skills so they can perform to the required standards.

Case Studies


Cable and Wireless

Cable & Wireless is one of the world’s leading international communications companies. As part of their commitment to development and training for their people, Cable & Wireless asked Metadata to propose a programme of training to enable their Business Analysts to achieve the highly valued ISEB Business Analysis Diploma. A key objective was to minimise the impact on their business so we designed a series of one-day courses to run every fortnight on Mondays. The training programme ran for over six months and by the end, the Business Analysts had achieved a 100% success rate in the ISEB certificate exams.


Case Study – BT Effective Communications Workshop

BT plc is a global leader in provision of communications solutions and services. Its activities include networked IT services, local, national and international telecommunications services, and higher-value broadband and internet products and services. In conjunction with the College of Public Speaking, we have run ‘Effective Communication Workshops’ for members of BT’s elite talent pool. Feedback from the group has been very positive and BT has commissioned further courses.

Why Choose Metadata Training

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