Instalments Payments for BCS Business Analysis Diploma

Do you find it hard to pay for the business analysis diploma upfront? We have your back. We’ve created an instalment plan to make it easy for you to achieve the needed qualification.

How does it work?

You can spread the payment for the business analysis diploma over 3 instalments. To manage the instalments we will have to add a £60 fee payable with the first instalment.

  • 1st Instalment: 50% of the fee
  • 2nd Instalment: 25% of the fee – To be paid within 30 days of the 1st payment
  • 3rd Instalment: 25% of the fee – To be paid within 30 days of the 2nd instalment

Please note: You must pay off the second instalment before booking the second course that is part of the diploma and the third instalment before booking the third diploma course.

Instalment Terms & Conditions:

You will have to sign an instalment agreement. Please make sure you have the money before committing yourself and entering an instalment agreement contract.

Once the instalment date has been agreed they can be changed at an extra cost of £30 and it can result in delaying your course start date.

Failure to pay your agreed instalments will incur a penalty fee of 2% per month on all overdue payments.

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