The Key Skills That You Need To Know To Do Better Business Analysis

Posted on September 3, 2021

No matter what level you are in your career as a business analyst, there are always going to be key skills that don’t necessarily come naturally to you, just like in any other area of life.

Perhaps you’re great at conceptualising a project, but struggle to consider stakeholders during this process. Or maybe you’re a whizz at structured techniques for investigating, but find it hard to redesign process models.

The first step to being a better business analyst is knowing which skills you’re missing, which can be difficult to analyse without someone senior walking you through everything that you should know.

To make this process easier we’ve created a Business Analysis Skills Gap Analysis worksheet that anyone can use to easily identify which skills they might need help with developing to do better business analysis. 

Just fill out the worksheet (and answer honestly!) using the self assessment rating guidelines included. And if you need don’t know where to go from there, we’re here to help.

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