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This bundle will give you two qualifications:

  • the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.
  • the IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP™).

BCS provides a specialised approach that equips you with best practice tools and techniques whilst CBAP offers a generalised and comprehensive standard that is based on 6 knowledge areas. The CBAP qualification emphasises more the process that a business analyst should follow and the techniques used at various stages while the BCS Business Analysis Diploma diploma provides the tools and lets you decide when to use them according to your project.


How do you achieve both qualifications? 

The CBAP qualification exempts delegates from two BCS business analysis certification: BCS Requirements Engineering and the foundation certificate.

This means that alongside the CBAP certification, a delegate only needs two more BCS Courses + the Oral Examination to achieve the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.


How does the bundle work?

You can book the bundle anytime. There is no specific starting date.

You also don’t have to choose all your course dates when you make the booking.

Our courses combine lectures, exercises, case studies and practice examination papers. You will gain a firm grasp of the theory, apply it in realistic situations and be well equipped for the exams. You don’t just pass the BCS exams; you also develop practical, useful skills that you will be able to use in your Business Analyst role.


What’s included?

  • CBAP classroom exam preparation courses
  • 2 BCS classroom diploma course (BCS Business Analysis Practice + an optional practitioner course)
  • 2 BCS exams
  • 1 oral exam preparation course + extra online support after the course
  • easy accessible state of the art training venue in Central London
  • all course materials including notes, worked case studies, slides and sample exams
  • delicious lunches and refreshments
  • take exam when ready – end of course or later
  • flexibility to choose any course dates from our course schedule
  • flexibility to attend courses in one of these locations: London, Bristol or Leeds
  • 1 year to attend the courses
  • one year free BCS Associate membership



Important: Holders of the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) qualifications
are exempt from the Requirements Engineering module and the knowledge-based specialist module. That is why only 2 BCS diploma courses are included in the bundle.


Ready to start?

Book and pay for the bundle online, then check our Course Schedule and email us your dates.

1. Quality training

Quality is important to us. We only work with the best trainers. Due to excellent feedback from delegates who have attended our courses, we have received an award in 2015 for quality training. Independent feedback from our past delegates can be read on our and Google+ page

2. Wide option of courses dates to choose from

More than 10 courses per month with courses every week and weekend excluding Christmas, Easter and Bank holidays.

3. Flexibility to choose your course dates

You can choose any course date to suit your availability from our Course Calendar.

4. Weekend courses

Metadata Training is the only provider who offers a wide range of weekend courses – making sure that you will achieve the qualifications if your work situation changes

5. Free exam resit support

In the unlikely case that you will have to resit an exam, we are here to support you.

6. Free online webinars

Can be attended as many times as needed during the CBAP process – making sure you are fully prepared. No other providers offer something similar.

7. Flexible exam dates

Take the exam at the end of the course or at a later date – exam dates available every week and on the weekend.


8. Up to 1 year to finish the courses

Gives you plenty of time to attend the courses and fit the training with your other work commitments.

9. Easy communication

We are approachable, supportive and friendly. It’s easy and hassle-free to communicate with us.

10. Flexible payments

If you can’t pay all money in advance we can split the BCS diploma payment into flexible instalments. Conditions apply. Contact us for details.

Professionals seeking to improve their business analysis skills and knowledge:

  • Project experts including project managers, project support staff and project analysts
  • Business experts including product owners, subject matter experts (SMEs), business change managers, senior users, project stakeholders
  • IT experts including systems architects, software developers, testers, support and trainers
  • Practising business analysts – experienced or junior

More than 2.5 years relevant Business Analysis experience required. Contact us for details.

1. What makes Metadata different?

Metadata is specialised in business analysis courses and aims to offer a more personalised and flexible training experience. We are committed to creating long-lasting relationships with the delegates and companies we work with, and with supporting their training every step of the way. As a direct seller, we have the flexibility to tailor our courses to suit the needs of our clients.

2. Are your courses accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by the BCS and IIBA.

3. Is the BCS exam fee included in the price?

Yes, the course price includes the exam fee – the majority of our clients want to take the exam which is why we offer the course and exam together as a package. If you do not require an exam, please let us know when you book and we will deduct the fee from the price – we can also provide you with a certificate of attendance. [this excludes the BCS Oral Examination]

Please note: the courses count as professional development credits towards the IIBA CBAP qualifications.

4. In which order should I take the modules?

Most of our delegates start with Business Analysis Practice or Requirements Engineering as they are the core modules of the diploma – if you have no previous experience in the field we would recommend that you do the same. However, if you are already working as a business analyst or have relevant experience, you can take the modules in whichever order suits you best. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss which order would be most appropriate for you.

5. Do I need IT skills to attend the courses?

No, none of our courses require you to have IT skills.

6. What is the difference between the 2-day weekend and 3-day midweek courses for the same module?

The same material is covered on both courses but because we fit the weekend course into two days instead of three it is more intense. The weekend courses begin at 9am and finish at 6:30pm, with a few short breaks; the midweek courses start at 9:30am and finish at 5pm, with an hour break for lunch.

7. Can I cancel a booking?

Yes, you can cancel a booking but in order to do so without penalty we require 10 days notice. For more information on our cancellation policy, see our terms and conditions.

8. When do I pay for the course?

Please refer to our terms and conditions.

9. When will I receive the training material?

When you book onto a course we will send you a copy of our core textbook Business Analysis. One week before the start of the course we will email you the chapters to read and any extra reading material you need. You will receive additional material (including slides and exam preparation) during the course.

10. Do I need to prepare for the course?

We recommend you do some pre-reading as this will help you to get the most out of the course. We will send you the required material (including a case study) one week before the course start.

11. When do I take the BCS exam?

Most of our delegates take the exam immediately upon finishing the course (on the last day), but if you prefer you can take it at a later date. We run exams every Thursday evenings at 18:00 and some weekends (please contact us to check availability).

12. What is the pass rate for the BCS exams?

We have a high pass rate – currently it’s at 95%.

13. What happens if I fail an exam?

If you fail an exam you will receive personal feedback from your tutor which will include a report detailing the reason for failure and areas to work on. If you wish to re-sit, you will need to pay a further exam fee of £145+VAT.

Our courses are designed with the exam in mind and we do our best to prepare you as much as we can – to this end, we provide around 3 case studies to practice on, as well as a sample exam.

14. Do I get a certificate at the end of each course?

Yes, BCS will email you a registration login to download a copy of your e-certificate.

15. What is the advantage of booking the package?

The main advantage of the package is cost as it’s considerably cheaper to do the Diploma than to pay for each course separately.

Another advantage to the Diploma package is the motivation you’ll get from committing to do the whole diploma. Delegates who book onto the full diploma usually become qualified business analysts much quicker than those who do it on a course by course basis.

16. How does the Diploma in Business Analysis package work?

The Diploma in Business Analysis package is designed for delegates who want to achieve the International Diploma in Business Analysis qualification. To get this qualification you need to pass an oral exam with BCS examiners. To qualify for this oral exam first you need to pass the exam for 4 individual modules.

Our Business Analysis Diploma package contains the following 4 modules: Business Analysis Practice, Requirements Engineering, Commercial Awareness or Foundation in Business Analysis and, either Systems Development Essentials or Modelling Business Processes. Each course is a separate, self contained unit leading to an individual exam and a BCS Business Analysis Practitioner certificate qualification. You can attend the courses midweek or at weekends, and choose the dates depending on your availability and time constraints.

17. Can the business analysis training help me to get a job?

BCS qualifications are gaining recognition among UK employers and many employers now include them in their job descriptions. Our delegates frequently tell us how much of a difference their BCS certificate made in securing a job.

18. Can Metadata help me to get a job?

No, we don’t connect our delegates with potential recruiters.

19. Can I pay in instalments?

It is possible to pay in instalments. To arrange this, please contact us for details.

20. If I sign up for the package, how long do I have in which to complete it?

You have one year to complete the diploma in business analysis after you sign in.

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