How to develop your business analysts if you have no training budget available?

Posted on January 18, 2022

Do you manage business analysts and need to upskill them?

If your training budget doesn’t allow you to send your team on courses so they can develop skills and confidence then the Business Analyst Apprenticeship Programme might be the answer for you.

It’s an opportunity that few people are aware of because:

1) It’s a relatively new programme.

2) There is a misconception that apprenticeships are for school leavers and young professionals only.

The Business Analyst Apprenticeship is now used to up-skill all professionals who need a career change or want to be better at their job. Introduced 4 years ago, the Business Analyst Apprenticeship is a level 4 programme that allows professionals to enrol in a comprehensive, structured and flexible 18-month programme that will allow them to develop the skills needed to perform at a high level and to produce high quality results for the business.

When you first notice skill gaps, you might want to instinctively hire new staff but up-skilling your existing business analysts is what gives you a better chance of enabling long-term, cost-effective growth in the team.

5 reasons why you should up-skill your own talent before you hire new staff

We can deliver the business analyst apprenticeship programme to levy-paying and non-levy paying companies. If you work for an employer who has an annual wage bill of over £3 million then they pay a 0.5% levy as part of their PAYE tax bill (this started in April 2017). This money goes to a digital account which your organisation can use to fund training their own apprentices so essentially, it’s at no extra cost!

Even if your business is not paying the Levy, the government will still foot 95% of the bill, meaning that your team members would receive a high quality Business Analyst qualification for just 5% of the cost.

How can Metadata Training help?

As a specialist business analyst company, we adapt our programme to your apprentices’ level of expertise. Rather than having a career coach who is focused on ticking boxes and following a pre-defined process, apprentices on the programme will work with a mentor (who has real-life business analysis experience) to guide them through their learning journey.

Mentors play a crucial role in fine-tuning the learning process to better suit the employer/organisation, as they fully understand both the business needs and the Apprenticeship process.

Find out more on how a mentor can increase your team’s success

Every apprentice has a different level of expertise and specific training needs. We adapt to your needs so you get the most out of the programme. We won’t box you in a programme to waste your business and the apprentice’s precious time.

There are a few business analyst programme out there but if you are not knowledgeable about what is available you might end up getting less than you pay for and waste your precious time.

Interested to find out more how we can help? View our Business Analyst Apprenticeship Programme 

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