Training on the job or a BA Apprenticeship: which is right for your team?

Posted on June 23, 2021

At the moment, the cost of training your new recruits on the job or enrolling them in an apprenticeship in Business Analysis is almost the same. Depending on the size of your business, enrolling your team in an apprenticeship could be free, or could cost you as little as 5% of the original fee, with the Government paying for the remaining 95%.

So with this in mind, let’s talk about which is better for your team. Training on the job, or training via an apprenticeship?

Training on the job

On-the-job training means that trainees are not technically taking time away from work but this can mean work needs to be re-done during this process, whereas an apprenticeship means that one day a week is spent studying but less mistakes are likely to be made. With on-the-job training, managers tend to train new recruits the way that the business has trained in the past, which isn’t always the best way – remember that progress can only come through change!

Whether you’ve hired new staff or you’re giving existing team members more training, doing it yourself may seem like the best option when the following factors are your priority:

  • No added cost of hiring external trainers
  • No time off work
  • The manager or senior members of the team have time to dedicate to training new team members


During an apprenticeship, the manager still has an input with training and supporting their team, but the recruits receive a more unbiased approach. They also receive theoretical training alongside practical, as opposed to just practical training like on-the-job. Another benefit is that apprentices are still working while studying, and therefore, they can apply these new skills to their job as they work.

An apprenticeship in Business Analysis isn’t just for new recruits or school leavers; it’s a great option for anyone looking to gain a formal qualification alongside practical training. Whether it’s someone on your team who has the responsibilities of a BA without the job title, or a BA who has been working for years but never got certified, an apprenticeship can change their career.

The advantages that come with a BA apprenticeship include:

  • Low cost training and industry recognised qualifications
  • Senior members of the team and managers gain time back by not having to train all new recruits themselves
  • Mentoring from both manager and trainer
  • Unbiased approach to training meaning more effective change can be brought about
  • Theoretical and practical – so apprentices can apply new learnings to their work straight away

BA Apprenticeships are free or low cost

To summarise the key points about BA apprenticeships:

  • They are currently FREE or almost free,
  • They are better for the business not only for a higher performing team but for prestige and worker happiness,
  • They develop more confident workers
  • They provide an opportunity to network with other apprentices and trainers.
  • Lastly, apprenticeships allow the ability to still work while training and apply the new knowledge to day-to-day work.

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