Who can be a business analyst apprentice?

Posted on January 27, 2021

Could you benefit from an apprenticeship to advance or change your career? Let’s look at the common misconceptions and how they no longer fit today’s fast-changing workplace. 

who can be a business analyst apprentice

Learning is at the heart of everything we do. We need to learn new skills, how to use new tools and software, and how to do our jobs better. We can’t afford to ignore our skills. Outdated skills will soon spell disaster for our careers and for the survival of our organisations.


What is the aim of an apprenticeship?

Before we look at misconception let’s consider the objective of an apprenticeship. 

The aim of the business analyst apprenticeship is to take you from your current level to the next stage in your career. Our programme is customisable to your unique situation so you decide on what skills to focus on. 

With Metadata Training you get mentored by one of our BA expert trainers every month. This means you decide what skills to improve, how quickly you get there, and how far you take your career. 

One thing we promise you if you show up to the training and the mentoring sessions you won’t stay at your current level. You’ll see a new, more skilled, and confident you. 

Now let’s look at the general questions people have that sometimes stops them from considering the apprenticeship as a viable option for them.


Common misconceptions that stop professionals from benefiting from a viable training option

No need to change roles or companies

You don’t need to go and find an apprentice role to benefit from an apprenticeship programme. Most of our apprentices were already working in their current roles with their organisations before enrolling in the business analyst apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships aim to upskill professionals to prepare them for the future. They are addressing the current skills shortage and the low productivity of the UK workforce compared with other European countries. 

Organisations are also looking to upskill or re-train experienced employees who know the business and would make an excellent business analyst e.g. junior BA, an SME or someone from non-BA project work. In our view this is the best way to upskill the future workforce. 


No age restriction

Anybody regardless of age can become a business analyst apprentice. It is no longer true that apprenticeships are only for 18-year-olds who prefer an apprenticeship to university. 

There are no age restrictions so don’t let this stand in the way. 

No need to get a pay cut

If you are worried that an apprenticeship would mean you need to accept a low-level salary this is not the case. 

If you think you need to be paid less to do an apprenticeship, think again because this is not the case. 

Business analyst experience

The business analyst apprenticeship is best suited for people with 0 to 5 years of BA experience. 

If you have over 5 years of experience you can still benefit but it is best to have a chat with your manager and your HR team. 


Pre-requirements to enroll

There are no specific pre-requirements that are set in the apprenticeship standard. Some organisations might have certain conditions so it is best to speak with your HR or manager about your suitability for an apprenticeship. 


Where can an apprenticeship take you?

Your opportunities are endless. Most apprentices get to do more challenging and rewarding projects for their companies. Some get new better-paid jobs. 

Business analysis skills are in demand and they offer a secure, stable, and highly paid role.

After finishing the apprenticeship programme, typical roles you can expect are: IS Business Analyst, IT Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Requirements Analyst/Engineer, Business Process Analyst.


Anyone can be a business analyst apprentice however not everyone will consider it the best training option for them.

If you have less than 5 years of business analyst experience and want to upskill, be recognised for your achievements and move to the next stage in your career then it is worth having a look at the detailed programme.

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