BCS Business Analysis Sample Exam Questions & Tips

Posted on June 4, 2020


Are you considering taking the BCS Business Analysis exams, but have some concerns?

Maybe you’re all ready to book your BCS Business Analysis exam, but worried about what to expect? Maybe you’re just curious about the type of questions you’ll get asked in the exam. Worry over, we’ve put together a handy little sample exam, and some Top Tips from our Trainers to help you approach your exam with confidence. Good luck!

At Metadata Training we understand that you need the right conditions to pass your exams. That’s why we approach things a little differently to other training providers:

  • Get taught by skilled trainers will offer extra exam support if they think you need it.
  • Learn in a small class size means you get a personal service which means you benefit from having time to ask questions and be better prepared for the exam.
  • You can choose when you take the exam – if you are not ready and need more time to practice you can defer the date.
  • If you fail, we’ll help you with free exam preparation sessions – we are here to guide you until you pass and we won’t leave you on your own.
  • Our trainers don’t read from slides – they will show you how things work in practice, and how to add structure to your work.

If you’re looking to pass the BCS Business Analysis exam questions,  you’ve come to the right place! With the right preparations, you can easily ace your exams.

Rod Simpson, one of our highly-rated trainers has put together these tips to help you approach your BCS Business Analysis Exam questions with confidence.

What are multiple-choice exams?

A multiple-choice exam for the BCS business analysis certification means every question will have 4 possible answers and only one is correct.

The exams have 40 questions and you need to score 26 our of 40 to pass the exam and achieve your qualification.

The following business analysis certifications are assessed by multiple-choice exams:

We recommend the following tips that can help you pass the Business Analysis Certification:

1. Keep your eye on the time.
2. Don’t change your mind if you are unsure of the answer.
3. Skip questions you don’t know the answer for.
4. Read the questions first, then the answer, and then the scenario.
5. Rule out the wrong or incorrect answers (only for paper exams).
6. Use highlighter if necessary (only for paper exams).
7. Be careful when you transpose that you don’t miss questions (only for paper exams)


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