How To Ask Your Employer To Fund Your Training

Posted on October 26, 2021

Asking your employer to fund your training may seem daunting, but you have less to worry about than you think. Apart from in rare cases, most employers will be thrilled to hear that you want to broaden your knowledge base and skills of the job that they’re paying you to do, ultimately helping them to further succeed. Training should be a part of common practice for businesses that want to keep their employees happy and confident, and perform better in their roles.
Here’s everything you need to cover when building a business case for training:

The basics

Start with the basic information about the course you want to do; the name of the course, the accredited provider, how much it will cost, how long it will take, the dates you’re proposing to do the course, and what the payment options are.

Why you want to do the course

When writing this section, consider what’s important and interesting to your manager and/or boss. Relate each point back to a business objective, such as sales goals or efficiency targets. If you can, include quantifiable benefits such as how much time or money exactly you expect to be able to save after completing your training. Be as clear as possible about how training will enhance your ability to deliver on these important aspects of your role, so make sure to include here:

  • The key skills you’ll learn
  • How this will positively impact your work
  • How this will positively impact your team and manager
  • How this will positively impact your employer

Focus on the outcomes and results of this training. You don’t need to focus on being better at an area you’re weak in too – perhaps training will make one of your strengths your superpower within the business.

The syllabus

By including the course syllabus, your manager will have a clear overview of everything that you’ll be learning and the course will be less of an abstract idea to them but instead a solid investment of training budget.

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