Learn 25 Modelling techniques to get stakeholder buy-in (Access Recording)

Posted on July 7, 2021

If you are a business analyst, we know that working on complex business improvements & change projects can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. When we present confusing data our stakeholders can’t make decisions and we don’t get their buy-in. No one wants to invest time & money in developing solutions that fail.

Some research from McKinsey & Company found that 70% of change projects fail. The BIG problem is stakeholder buy-in and management support.

Stakeholder engagement and management is about knowing who your stakeholders are, understanding them and knowing how best to involve them in your change project. You need to take into consideration the different interests and values stakeholders have and address them throughout the project or campaign.

Benefits of efficient stakeholder engagement

  • Addressing stakeholders’ concerns early on in the process makes it more likely that they will support your project as they will feel they have inputted and have been involved.
  • Joint resources – using their expertise or working in collaboration could see more resources available for your project.
  • They can assist in providing your team with honest feedback.

Planning specific stakeholder campaigns are important of course, but working with stakeholders isn’t a one-off activity. It is an ongoing process. You need to keep your stakeholders involved and informed about what’s going on. The key point here is; it is often the skill with which you communicate, consult and involve these people is what will determine the success of your change project.

So how are going to communicate your plan with them? What you need to do is; bring clarity to stakeholders and using modelling techniques can help you bring this clarity.

Our experienced trainer, Rod Simpson, recently ran a lunch and learn webinar on 25 modelling techniques to get stakeholder buy-in, you can watch a short recording of the session below.

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Why get the recording?


  • Valuable techniques to add to your BA toolbox
  • How & when to use these 25 modelling techniques to help you be the trusted & respected expert in your team.
  • How to ensure your project is part of the 30% of change projects that are successful

We cover modelling techniques in more depth on our Modelling Business Processes course – Find out more

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