Use Case Diagrams – A great Tool for Business Analysts

Posted on September 9, 2020

What is a Use Case Diagram?

The use case diagrams describe what a system should do and not how it should be done that is why it is extensively used by business analysts to communicate with IT specialists and business users.

Using use case diagrams with functional requirements provide a great tool for IT specialist to track requirements and make sure they deliver systems that achieve the business goals and deliver on the expectations of the business users.

Benefits of using Use case Diagrams to Business Analysts:

  • Establish and communicate the scope of a system
  • Easily communicate with stakeholders what an IT or business system should do and who are the users who will interact with the system
  • A great tool to aid communication between business users, stakeholders, business analysts, and IT specialists
  • Show the high-level specification of what the system should do and its users making it a great tool for getting a shared understanding of what a system should do

To find out how use cases can help business analysts deliver systems that support business goals this article offers some great insights:

Our trainer, Rod Simpson, recently ran an informative lunch & learn session on how business analysts can use Use Case Diagrams to successfully track requirements on a project.

You can access the recording of the presentation below:

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