Learn to create a Benefits Map – Virtual Lunch & Learn Session (Access Recording)

Posted on December 8, 2020

If you are a Business Analyst, Business Change Manager or work in Project Management, Benefits Dependency Networks are a useful technique for understanding how a project will deliver business benefits.

According to the BCS, a benefits map is “A diagrammatic representation of what needs to be done on a project/program in order to achieve its expected benefit”. The idea is simple – link project activities to the benefits they directly impact.

We recently ran a session on this as part of our Lunch & Learn Programme and you can now access the recording by filling the form below.

Why get the recording?

It is a really practical and engaging session that we highly recommend. Our trainer, Rod Simpson created the Benefits Dependency Network with the help of the attendees. You get access to the presentation and the demonstration on how to create the Benefits maps based on a case study, Rod is using the virtual Miro board in the session.

This is a session suitable for beginners and assumes you don’t know how to create a Benefits Map.

Why Benefits Maps?

Benefits maps are a useful technique for understanding and communicating the impact of a project from different stakeholder perspectives. Large projects/programs can consist of many moving parts, making it difficult for individual staff to see why certain activities or deliverables are considered important. It can also be difficult for business stakeholders to understand why they may need to change, and for managers to understand why certain activities are important. Benefits maps can support understanding across stakeholder perspective by allowing:

  • project delivery staff to clearly see how the activities they undertake impact the delivery of benefits and, thus, contribute to the overall success of the project
  • stakeholders to understand the benefits of change
  • managers to understand the link between project activities and strategic objectives.


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