Apprenticeship Case Study: Meet Jodie

Posted on January 27, 2021

Apprenticeship Case Study: Meet Jodie

Jodie works as a Business Analyst for Coventry City Council and is also a mum to a two year old daughter. Jodie was looking for flexible ways to further her education and become a qualified Business Analyst. It was when Jodie returned from Maternity leave, she was offered the opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship alongside her role. She spoke to us about her experiences.

What has becoming an apprentice meant for you?

“As a mum of a small child, getting back into my stride when I returned to work was so important to me. I love my job and have always wanted to complete formal qualifications for my role. I was looking for a way to further my education alongside my working role and my family life. Building on my experience and self-taught business analysis skills, this apprenticeship has really given me confidence in my ability and helped me build upon my skill-set. It’s given me the tools and techniques and techniques to apply to my role, a range of soft skills as well as the business analysis framework.

Completing an apprenticeship has really made a difference to my confidence, improved my job satisfaction and really made a difference to the projects that I am leading. It has improved my leadership skills and the depth of my technical knowledge.”

What would you say to other organisations and individuals considering an apprenticeship?

“Apprenticeships have had such a positive impact for not only myself but my whole organisation. I’d challenge the stereotype of an apprentice – anyone can be an apprentice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a school leaver, or approaching retirement – it’s a fantastic modern way of learning whilst you are working. There are so many advantages to apprenticeships. You have the ability to learn on the job and put your new skills immediately into practice for the benefit of your organisation. I was able to complete my apprenticeship flexibly during working hours with the full support of my organisation. As a Mum to a young daughter, this flexibility enabled me to further my education, an opportunity I don’t think I would have had otherwise. I would encourage anyone to complete an Apprenticeship.”


How does the apprenticeships programme work organisationally?

“We have an organisational development department within HR who specialises in the education, training and up-skilling of staff. They currently have a broad range of apprenticeship programmes running right the way through the organisation, from senior leadership teams, through to specialisms like Business Analysis.

The apprenticeship programme is aligned to our organisational strategy and our annual appraisal process. The apprenticeship programme has revolutionised the organisations approach to training. We are now a more skilled, more equal and diverse workplace focused on our objectives.

The apprenticeship programme has also helped to raise the profile of certain roles, like Business Analysis, leading to new roles being created, and much more interest in this skill set.”

So, how do you fit your studies in?

“From the start of the apprenticeship, the timetable for the 18 months duration was shared with us. This was positive for everyone, as we could discuss work milestones and commitments and agree to these dates with the support of our manager. Being organised and having these dates in the diary early is really beneficial with balancing work and apprenticeship commitments.”

What is Jodie up to now?

This interview was taken when Jodie was halfway through the apprenticeship programme. Jodie began the apprenticeship after returning from maternity leave. She was balancing her current role with completing her apprenticeship. She had previously been working on transformation programmes in Children’s Services, Residential Services and the Fostering Service. This includes helping to implement an online system for Residential Services and working to support Fostering Service projects.

Since the interview, Jodie has graduated and achieved Distinction for her apprenticeship. She has worked on amazing projects for the Council including ICT & Digital roll out of LFT Covid testing centres across Coventry.

We wish Jodie all the best in her career!

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